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Feeling the pressure

It seems like no matter the planter or conditions planters rarely have the right amount of weight in the right spot. Center Fill planters are great for their ease and efficiency when refilling but in soft ground can leave deep wheel tracks in the center section. Light planters often have to add suitcase weights and still struggle to get enough weight on the wings. Even the best hydraulic row unit down force systems can't do their job effectively when there isn't sufficient weight on the toolbar to apply to the row unit or sunken wheel tracks are pinching your rows. It can be eye opening to look at how many rows on your planter are working with less than ideal pressure at any given time and in any given soil conditions and therefore how much yield is being sacrificed. New planters started incorporating weight distribution systems for a reason and your used planter can easily realize the same benefits. We have found the LDM Weight Transfer System to be one of the best bang for the buck items in our planter upgrade arsenal over a wide variety of farming practices and planting condition. After installation and initial setup it requires very little effort for the operator to manage.

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